Diigo to evernote package

R package to import Diigo highlights (read later/highlighting app) into Evernote (note taking app)

Diigo to evernote package

I consider notes as the backbone of my work. Many of those start by reading about topics I am interested about.

That is why during the online course Building a second brain I decided to create an R package to link two of the services I liked most for my second brain:

  • Diigo is a read later/highlighting app, it lets you save webpages to read at a later time and also to highlight those webpages, including pictures. It includes an API which makes it perfect for this use case.
  • Evernote is a note taking app, quite simple but great for saving notes about different topics that can easily be surfaced with search when starting a new project.

For the package, there are two main steps:

  • Taking the new highlights from the diigo API
  • Exporting highlights to enex file so that they can be imported in evernote (This doesn't work fully at the moment after Evernote big update and best would be to use Evernote API as well to create new notes)