AI and I: Crafting the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Using AI, I crafted a personalized Mother's Day gift - a touching video. This journey highlighted AI's potential as not just a tool, but a catalyst for creativity and innovation.

AI and I: Crafting the Perfect Mother's Day Gift
Created with DALL-E

Faced with the challenge of finding the perfect Mother's Day gift, I turned to artificial intelligence (AI) for inspiration. AI is particularly skilled at addressing "NORA" (Not One Right Answer) questions, and generating a gift idea certainly falls into that category. Among the many AI-recommended ideas, creating a personalized video seemed to strike a chord. Given I enjoy video editing, I decided to bring this idea to life.

Apple Memory video

I initiated the video creation process by selecting meaningful photos from my phone and organizing them into a dedicated album.  Apple's memory videos was then used to create a video with the help of AI in the background. It created a short video with some of the pictures and videos in the album, together with music and compelling editing. This AI-created draft video served as a promising starting point, encouraging me to refine the gift further.

Expressing ideas with speech-to-text

After watching the video created by my phone I had suddenly ideas about how I would like the video to look like. To help with that I used an amazing tool called, which takes your voice and outputs a summary together with the transcript (you can even speak in Spanish and would create the summary in English for example).

AI Summary of my voice note

It was liberating to vocalize my thoughts and receive a clear, concise summary of my ideas for enhancing the video. This tool proved to be an effective means of organizing my thoughts and ideas.

Script Creation - The AI Surprise

Next, the summary from was copied to ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model. I tasked the AI with a unique context: to function as a video producer, creating a script and suggesting ideas. The quality of the script generated by the AI was impressive; it even suggested appropriate music to enhance the video's emotional appeal.

Here is the prompt I used and the result:

 I am a parent and preparing a video for my wife for mother's day.
 Her name is {Name} and our child is {name}, 2 years old.
 Below is the context for the video:
{Copy summary from}
Your task as a video producer known for producing beautiful touching 
videos is to create a script and ideas for the video.
I will use those ideas to edit the video afterwards
Prompt template used in ChatGPT (GPT-4)
Script suggested by ChatGPT

After a few adjustments, back and forth conversation and edits, I got the script finalized. My last task was to edit the video and find appropriate music, for which I also asked ChatGPT to provide webpages where I can find music for the video.

The final result was much better than if I wouldn't have used AI along the way to help me!

AI as a Helper and a Vision for the Future

Reflecting on the experience, I acknowledge that AI played a significant role in reducing friction throughout the creative process. It allowed me to concentrate on the most impactful tasks: selecting the best pictures, providing a creative direction and context for the script, and adding the final personal touches while editing.

The AI was instrumental in executing the other elements, even contributing unique ideas like adding a scene at the end with our child holding a sign that read, "I love you, mom."

As I consider the potential of AI, it's not hard to imagine a future where AI acts as a personal assistant, enhancing our creativity and productivity.

AI is a tool of creation, with that in mind, I leave you with two questions:

  • What do you want to create in this world?
  • How do you want your life to look like?